Launch a Web3 side-project in 5 weeks!

Learn & launch a Web3 side-project in 5 weeks. Go from sitting on the fence & getting lost in the hype to actually doing things with structured guidance & collaboration.
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Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K
Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K
Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K
Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K
Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K
Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K
Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K
Build your Web3 projects and get grants and support from Polygon upto $15K

Week 1: Mastering Web3

🗓️ Week 1

Mastering Web3

Generate, discuss and finalise your idea with peers and mentors
🗓️ Week 1

Mastering Web3

Generate, discuss and finalise your idea with peers and mentors
🗓️ Week 1

Mastering Web3

Generate, discuss and finalise your idea with peers and mentors
🗓️ Week 1

Mastering Web3

Generate, discuss and finalise your idea with peers and mentors
🗓️ Week 1

Mastering Web3

Generate, discuss and finalise your idea with peers and mentors
🗓️ Week 1

Mastering Web3

Generate, discuss and finalise your idea with peers and mentors

1st Nov '22


31st Dec '22


7th Jan '23


Here’s how you will build & launch your Web3 side-project!

Every week has a theme and each theme will have Masterclasses, 1:1s, Huddles, Building Sessions & much more. You will go from learning about Web3 to shipping in 5 weeks
🗓️ Week 1

Learning & Mastering Web3

The goal of Week 1 is to make you learn enough about Web 3 via Masterclasses, Micro Masterclasses, Discussions & 1:1s for you to start thinking of ideas
🗓️ Week 2

Ideation & Pitching

By the end of Week 2, you will firm up on an idea to build your Web3 side-project on. Via Masterclasses, 1:1s and story sessions we will make you an Idea Machine in the Web3 Space
🗓️ Week 3

Finalize your Web3 Idea & Start Building

By the end of Week 3, you will have a clear idea how your Web3 side-project MVP can be built. This will be enabled by a LOT of dedicated conversations with in-house experts, 1:1s and Masterclasses
🗓️ Week 4

Build your MVP

By the end of Week 4 via collaboration, 1:1s with in-house experts, building sessions & more you will be completing your MVP
🗓️ Week 5

Launch & Get your first 100 users

Week 5 will be dedicated to masterclasses, 1:1s and discussions on how you can launch your side-project and get your first 100 users

They will help & mentor you to launch your Web3 Side-project!

India’s best are coming together to help, mentor, guide, collaborate and do whatever it takes to help you build & ship a Web3 side-project
Dan Romero
Founder of Farcaster
Nameet Potnis
Building @Asset.Money
Austin Griffith
Mentor @ Ethereum Foundation
CEO @Questbook
Founder @BuidlersTribe
Building Instarise
Sean Raftery
Community @BeetsDAO
Co-Founder @Graphy
NFT Collector, Investor

Be among the 50 awesome individuals to build and launch in the next 5 weeks!

Ready to make the highest ROI investment of 25k to build your Web3 side-project?

A team that has shipped a LOT in Web3 will help you get over the line

Together they have shipped more than 40 side-projects in Web3 and won several thousand dollars in bounty. It is your turn NOW and they want to make it happen for you
Akhil BVS
Product & Design @Asset.Money
Brand Designer @ Polygon
Abhishek Kumar
Fullstack + Web3 Developer
Sidharth Rao
Research Lead @ Buidlers Tribe
Shashank Yalamanchi
Web3 Tech Advisor | Reputation Systems @ Superteam
Building in NFTs and web3
Wizard Relations @ DuneAnalytics
Product Designer @ Flipkart | Built
Co-Founder @ Legitt
Akshit Verma
Product Designer | Builder @ SuperteamDAO
Product Designer @ Polygon
Building @ Wagmipedia
Madhur Dixit
Lead Dev @ CapX
Creator @ Web3UI | @DeveloperDAO
Serial Web3 Builder
Prashant Sharma
Founder of SkipTheLIne

Here are some of the side-projects shipped by our builders!

All of the them are also going to be there guiding you through the entire journey
Notific is a multi-chain, multi-platform notification service for your crypto wallets. Get real-time updates of your wallet activity right on WhatsApp and Telegram.
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Guessing game strong? Use it to guess the nextcard and win upto 4x your bet amount!
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With BuyMeACryptoCoffee your audience can support you with cryptocurrency
Know more
Making smart contracts readable for all
Know more
A GPT-3 powered tool to generate Dune Analaytics queries with simple english
Know more
Using dakiya you can send messages to anyone with a wallet address, without having to create an account or relying on email servers
Know more
Worth In NFT
Know what your wallet's worth in NFTs
Know more
Incetivising engagement for communities on solana
Know more
Wagmi Cards
Looking for a way to introduce your friends and family to the magical world of Cryptocurrency? This holiday season, use to gift them some ETH.
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Here's everything you might want to ask

Feel free to reach-out to us if you have any more questions!
What is it?

BuildOnChain is a 5-week Cohort + Community based learning for people interested in learning deeply about Web3 and most importantly building + shipping a Web3 side-project all the way from ideation to launch

Who is it for?

We are accepting only 100 builders in Cohort 1. Among these 100, we are ensuring that there will be at least 50 developers, 30 designers, and 20 community managers(or from other non-dev or non-design roles).

If you are someone who is looking to understand Web3 deeply from the PoV of building things and then actually get down to shipping through a roller coaster 5 weeks, then this is for you

How will this program run?

Every week has a theme and each theme will have Masterclasses led by top experts in the space. There will be operational micro masterclasses led by BiRs, huddles, conversations + discussions, and much more

What does a typical week in the cohort look like?

👉 Lots of idea-sharing + discussions(async) between the selected and handpicked members in the community

👉 Couple of high-value sessions/workshops such as ‘Evolution of Web2 into Web3’, ‘Frameworks to come up with ideas in Web3’ ‘Idea to MVP for your Web3 Side-project’, ‘How to launch & get your first 100 users for the side-project and much more with experts who have been there and done that. Think of these as the top people in the subject who will be taking sessions

👉 Operational drill-down sessions with BiRs helping you better understand Web3, figure out the right idea, build in the right way, and much more. These will be via async discussion, 1:1s, and more

👉 Pitch and feedback on ideas

👉 Accountability check on progress wrt to the desired goal

👉 1:1s with other members and especially the BiRs. Each week themes will have goals that accepted members would need to finish in order to make progress towards the launch of the side project

Broadly the themes for the 5 weeks will be:

Week 1: Learning & Mastering Web3, so that you know enough to think of possibilities + ideas in the space

‍Week 2 Ideation & Pitching, learn the rubrics + frameworks to come up with ideas solely in the Web3 Space

‍Week 3 Thinking your MVP & Talking to users, Masterclasses, huddles & 1:1s to help you figure out how the MVP can be built

‍Week 4 Build your MVP, Masterclasses, huddles & 1:1s to help you actually build your MVP

Week 5: Launch your MVP, Masterclasses, Huddles & 1:1s to help you plan, execute and get your first 100 users

Can I join with my friend/s?

Sure, please ask your friend to submit an application. Both of you will have to meet the bar in order to get accepted.

What time commitment is needed for this?

We expect the selected builders to invest atleast4-5 hours a week. At Build, we see Builders being active async in the community at a time of their choosing as it helps them to be in the game. Here as well, we expect the same to happen but if you are investing 4-5 hours a week, you should be good to go

Do I need to have an idea to apply & get accepted?

No, you don't need to come with an idea for a side-project. The first & second week of the cohort is dedicated to helping you reach a point where you have figured out what is the right thing for you to do/build on the side through 1:1 chats, peer feedback, and ideation sessions.
‍ Having an idea before joining is without a doubt an advantage but not a requirement.

We don’t expect you to have a full-blown knowledge/understanding of the Web3 space, you will do well if:

You have been reading things here & there about Web3 and have a fair understanding of what is going on in the space

You likely know the basics of wallets, haven’t necessarily flipped JPEGs(i.e NFTS ;)) but have some idea about the same and in general, have had an interest in the Web3 space. Overall, as long as you are not a complete newbie + noob to the space, we believe we can get you over the line

Will there be recordings to watch post the session?

Yes, the sessions will always be recorded and you will know how/where to find them in the community. You will also have access zo the community for a lifetime

Is this like a passive learning cohort to attend sessions?

This cohort is going to be as far away from passive learning as you can imagine. The amount of collaborations, conversations, discussions, feedbacks, 1:1s both async and sync will leave you awestruck.

We say this with confidence we have done the same before for the widely LOVED cohort Build. We are taking those learnings and applying to a new space

When will I know the status of my application?

We will be accepting and confirming the spots on a rolling basis. The faster you submit your application the higher the chances you find a spot.

All the status will be communicated by 31st March, 2022

Will I have a 1:1 mentor?

Mentors will be doing drill-down sessions/workshops four times a week. Mentors will also be available and accessible in the online community and answering questions around any/everything about learning + building a side-project in the Web3 space. You can always approach a mentor to chat more or get on call to discuss in detail about something that you want to understand better.

The most powerful set of people you will have a direct access as well as the set of people who will have the most impact in your journey are the BiRs i.e Builders in Residence. These are builders who have cumulatively launched more than 10 side-projects already in the Web3 space, have won several thousand dollars in bounty, know the ins & outs of how to get you to learn and build. They will be doing 1:1s, huddles, micro- masterclasses & more. Basically everything you will need to get over the line

What is the cost of the program?

If you get selected/accepted, in order to confirm your spot you will need to pay INR 25k. We are charging and keeping it paid in order to ensure there is accountability at our as well as your end.

When does the program begin?

The first cohort kicks off on Saturday, 8th Oct 2022. Applications are open between now and the last day to apply is Sept 30th, 2022

Is this a course?

Think of this as Cohort-based learning via Masterclasses from top experts, operational sessions from the Builders in Residence, 1:1 guidance from the BiRs, discussions, collaborations & feedback we ensure you get over the line. We are a combination of a typical CBC but with the added caveat that there will a LOT of community based learning too

Is there a discount/scholarship?

Unfortunately, no. We are handpicking and selecting the 100 builders for the cohort and believe that just like Build the accepted builders will find the value to be 10x of what they pay. Most importantly, it also ensures that there is skin in the game both for the builders and US

What is the selection process/criteria?

The cohort is open only to 100 builders and below are a few things we will be looking to understand from the application form. It is not required for an applicant to meet all the requirements:
Your current understanding/involvement in the Web3 space if any

Your current thinking of what you would possibly like to build in the Web3 space

We will keep an intentional distribution of developers, designers and community managers in the cohort so your background will play a good role too

Your general enthusiasm and dedication to build side-projects

How much of Web3 should I know before joining this cohort?

The cohort is a 5-week cohort because we have kept a dedicated week for learning Web3 deeply from the PoV of building things.

Who are the mentors?

We have carefully picked the mentors across the entire spectrum of learning to launching a side-project in the Web3 space. They are people who have been neck deep in the space and most importantly have an impeccable way to imparting + passing on the knowledge. There isn’t an aspect of learning + Building a side-project in the Web3 space that is not covered by this mentor network

Will I work in a team or group? OR can I work & launch my own thing?

We encourage and push you to collaborate as much as possible with fellow builders. This ensures that you are able to have the skillsets you would need to excel in the Web3 space i.e developers, designers and community leaders. In the dire circumstances, that even after everything we do to build a collaborative environment you don’t want to collaborate, then it is absolutely ok to ship on your own

Is it only for developers?

Absolutely NOT.  We do understand why you would think so, because the Web3 space naturally feels like something where developers seem to be succeeding a LOT. 
That is WRONG, the best side-projects are being made + built via a combination of developers, designers and community people.
In line with this, we will have 50-60% developers, 30% designers and 20% community + other non-tech talent in the cohort

When am I needed to pay?

You will only need to pay which is the final step for your spot confirmation, once you have received the acceptance email. The acceptance will happen based on your application details

How to reach out to you for more queries?

If there is any other queries, feel free to reach out to us at

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